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The secret of a successful person is simple. He likes to read and enjoy books. And read not only now, in the period of success. He read always, from early childhood. Perhaps he was very lucky with the parents and teachers who were able to instill a love of reading, rather than avert it, as do most. But the fact remains. We read a person is much more likely to be successful than those not reading. Why? Everything is simple. Reading the book, you will learn a lot of useful information. And even if at the moment of her life she has no relevance, the situation required information comes from the memory storage. Memory, by the way, it is much better too. There is no better simulator for memory than reading books. The mechanism of action is also understandable. When you are watching a movie - you do not have to remember anything. Bright picture is all done for you. Reading the book, you just need to keep in mind all the things the author says, otherwise the thread of what is happening will be lost. Together with memory and activated imagination. You do not just memorize the nuances, you realize what is happening, draw mental pictures. And the presence of imagination turns you from an ordinary person into a creative.

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